DOT Compliance


To have a DOT# compliant, an update filing is required every two years and must be filed based on the last digit of the DOT#. The filing is also required if any information of the MC changed, for revocations and reinstatements.


The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), collects and administers taxes related to motor fuel usage. Its quarterly filings are taxed based in which jurisdiction was used all the fuel purchased at the pump or in bulk.


The IRP or apportioned plates, allows commercial vehicles to operate in two or more jurisdictions. It is based on the miles traveled per jurisdiction, in order to calculate a proportional payment to each jurisdiction traveled.

Drugs & Alcohol

This year started the mandatory usage of the ClearingHouse database, in which carries need to be registered. This in addition to the already required registration in a consortium, which manages the random drug and alcohol testing program.


All carriers are subject to random selections for audits in any of the above compliance requirements. Also, new companies are subject to an audit before 18 months in service and could be done just a few months after starting.


A few states: Kentucky, Oregon, New Mexico and New York, require additional trip permits. The permits could be temporary trip permit or a trip license that requires quarterly filings. A few other states also require some type of permit, such as California.