Dispatch Services

Our dispatching service model is designed so that FORCED DISPATCH IS OUT OF THE QUESTION. Our team of professional dispatchers will prospect the best options for you while you drive, and if you’re not satisfied with the load option we’re offering you, you can feel free to request a better alternative and so on until we find that one load you are looking for.

Load Booking & Dispatching

We are here to negotiate the highest paying rates in the market and once you have agreed to book a load our friendly staff will coordinate with the freight broker or direct shipper to have that load tendered directly to your company name. The information will then be uploaded into our dispatching software and you will receive directions and assistance from our staff.

Factoring Company Setups

New in the business or tired of your old factoring company? Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of options so you can choose the best for your business. We will suggest some of the strongest factoring companies out there and we will let you know their pros and cons. Remember, it is your business so at the end the choice is yours.


We make sure your company’s paperwork meets the highest standards so your clients know they’re dealing with professionals, they will receive well-designed invoices, company letterhead documents when needed, well-structured emails and professional customer service from our contact center.

Road Support

We’re hoping for everything to go well from point A to point B, but if something happens while on transit, you know you can count on us, for this particular aspect of the business our support is 24/7

If for example you have a flat tire or things got out of control and there was a hazmat spill, we will be there to help you keep going, we will do anything from finding the nearest shop where you can take care of your broken unit or even contact lawyers, fill out insurance claims and follow-up until your issue gets resolved. In other words, we got your back!

Back Office

We won’t let you down, our admin department will run credit checks, request certificates of insurance, take care of your diesel cards and everything you need in order to keep you going with no hassle.

New Company Setup

We know you have no time to fill out those long and sometimes confusing carrier packets, so don’t worry about it, we’ll do it for you.